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Any young child, generally annoying due to their very presence.
Mr Wolf and his significant other were thinking of having children until they went to Wal-Mart and saw all the unruly crib midgets. They changed their minds.

"Oh no, Sally is getting out of her car with her crib midgets."

The wedding reception was going great until the crib midget riot started.

San Antonio is the crib midget capital of North Mexico.
by MR WOLF January 25, 2008
Children, Babies, Kids, Rugrats
All she wants is crib midgets. I'm taking the crib midget to the pool. From the Dane Cook Movie "Good Luck Chuck" Stu used the word.
by Maleficent40 June 22, 2008
A baby or someone who resembles a baby due to them being extremely short. Can also be a someone who is very annoying and never stops.
Chuckie Cheese is full of crib midgets
by Runks February 02, 2008
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