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Cyclic Redundency Check - Used as error DETECTION technique. The data bits are devided by a separate binary number. Upon delivery, they should be exactly devisible by the pre-determined binary number. If the remainer is not 0, the data is screwed / has been altered.
I downloaded this file, but the CRC detected an error. This file is not 100% the same as the original file.
by w00x January 08, 2004
1. Term that stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check. It's a form of error checking commonly used for Winzip compression and Ultra ATA controllers.

A corrupt zip file will yield a bad CRC when opened.
by Gary Destruction June 23, 2003
Can't Remember Crap.

used as an abbreviation whilst chatting.

a much more appropriate substitution than 'chat room chuckle' (because you should just use 'lol' instead).
also better than 'CRS' if you want something with an alliterative ring.
person 1: "that was such a crazy party, wasn't it?"
person 2: "i don't even know, dude. CRC!!"
by mhmnn November 04, 2010
Possibly the best lubricant ever made. Imposibly thin film oil/grease that instantly fixes everything from 60 year old front door locks to bike derailures.
If you can get yer hands on a can, NEVER EVER LOSE IT!
by w00x January 08, 2004
The name for a keyboard dusting spray people use to huff. It is commonly bought in hardware stores and costs only $5-6!! i'll pay that much for a good time. Be careful tho if you inhale it could freeze your hit and your gooooone!
Yo, me and muh homies was at the hardware store the otha day and bought some mad crc, that shit was bangin
by oxsara09xo May 31, 2005
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