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Chuckles Quite Loudly

For something which is genuinely funny and results in a physical outburst of mirth.

This is better than the bog-standard and dullness of a lol which so often now is a sentence finisher or an awkward moment breaker.

CQL means that something emanated following a moment of real comedy.
"You actually made me chuckle quite loudly at my desk."

"That's a good one. CQL"

This was the birth of a wonderful acronym.
by Shave_uk August 06, 2011
Rarely-used txt-speak for sequel. Not as well-known as other abbreviations since it rarely turns up in conversation.
u gna c teh cql 2 transrmrs- translated "Are you going to see the sequel to Transformers?"
by Big J Troopa August 14, 2010

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