Compact Pornaugraphy utilizer
i was using my CPU minding my own business when my parents walked in
by Thomas2 April 27, 2008
My CPU burned yesterday :-((
by Sonik August 02, 2003
Central Processing Unit. The 4th most important specification of a computer, behind: 1. Video Card, 2. Front Side Bus (connected to your CPU, but not the same)and 3. RAM (seep and size
"My goddamned celeron 2.6Ghz actually gives less performance than a PIII 800!!! WTF!"
by KillaKilla December 03, 2003
1. Central Processing Unit
2. Something a nerd would say to act smart, but obviously doesn't know what they're talking about..
Nerd 1- "First you hack into the mainframe..blah..blah...megabyte....blah....CPU..."
Nerd 2- "Oh I see.."
by none December 07, 2003
Corn Processing Unit
The CPU on Richards's Server was overloaded.
by Andre February 16, 2005
Central Programming Unit. A piece of hardware located on your pentum motherboard that is used to combat people online to steal megahurtz. It does this by finding the IP of their hard drive
"No Blaezenfury, you use the CPU to steal megahurtz."
by jimmyw404 July 21, 2005
C.P.U. stands for Captured Penguins unite
teacher: what does cpu stand for?
me: i know, its captured penguins unite. gosh i'm smart.
teacher: not really but okay.
me: so i'm not right no but its creative

be creative... cpu, captured penguins unite or your friends have been caught.
by t-man June 18, 2006
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