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When a person is being extremely witty towards another.

The roastings began when people would honor a person by poking fun at them or their career.
Person1: You smell like hair products.
Person2: Dang, you roastin'.
by T-man November 04, 2004
Acronym: Arizona's Instrument of Measuring Student Stupidity.
Definition: A test that in no way tests the ability of its students' brian-power or smartness.
See also: You're a tool.
I now feel like a tool for taking the aims test.
by T-Man November 04, 2003
Acting silly or goofy. Speaking nonsense and making no real point.
Wow, i am so betarded. I'm not making any sense.
by T-Man November 02, 2004
In crunk terms: Do something and don't be afraid. Termed from the ignorant in a little neighborhood in the Ne district of Dallas, Texas.
Person1: You wanna go pop that jo. Person2: Whatever-Whateva!!!
by T-man November 04, 2004
One who rolls their feces into litte balls and shoots them out of a slingshot.
"Leik omg! I shot u in the hed liek 7 times!!!"

"stfu shitslinger!"
by T-Man April 08, 2005
An uber loser rapper wannabee who doenst even try to be black
woooooooow look at him! in highschool he was a nerd but look at him now!! he became dr compact! Damn he rules. Not.
by T-man June 10, 2003
it can mean anything
a noun or verb or part of a word

what travis says
my groobs itch

thats groob-tastic

lets go groobing today
by T-man October 27, 2004
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