abbr: Constant PMS

def: someone who is in a constant state of bitchiness and pycho no matter what time of the month.
Friend: "Why is that lady SO MEAN?"
Me: "Um I think she has CPMS so maybe you should just back off, it's not her fault...."
by muireled September 27, 2010
acronym for Call of Duty, Porn, Masterbate. a lifestyle.
Friend: What are you going to do today after school today?
You: What I do everyday, CPM.
by predator990909 May 27, 2010
CPM is the ratio in which an individual orgasms. "Cums per minute".
For example: an individual orgasms 7 times in an hour, then their CPM would be 0.11
by guitarfreak553 September 21, 2010
And outdated OS, also an anacronym for Computer Programming magic
Old schoolers used to use CPM with old school Vector Graphics computers.
by Dave November 26, 2003

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