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Cunt(s) On The Other Shift
COTOS fucked it up!
Leave this one for COTOS!
by gargamel July 29, 2004
Guatemalan Slang for a very lazy attitude, usually related to the word "Huevon" that means the same. The word in Guatemala was derived from an spanglish translation C: Cagadation (Shit of) O (Of) T (The) O (Omar). Omar is a very well known individual that in the warms afternoon do a sound like snoring and said in spanish "Que Hueva!" (i have laziness)
Tengo mucho COTO! (eng) I have a lot of laziness.
by dadude69 July 19, 2012
A group of two people who share a special bond, which begins when they experience a brushing of the toes with each other. They are always very good-looking with sexy feet.
Cliff and Victoria are two extremely attractive cotoes.
by Victoe July 13, 2008
A male who takes part in the action of vacuuming with the utilization of his mouth upon his father's penis.
James loves the fact that he's a coto for various reasons, including the taste.
by Ryan November 07, 2003