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Cunt/s on the loose (COTL). An abbreviation or hashtag used to describe an individual or pack of loose cunts without restriction or care.
Boys night out, shits goin' to get messy, COTL!
by ignition_182 March 01, 2014
1 0
crazy'on'the'loose or crazyloose or pronounced COT-TUHL
when a crazy ass bitch flips and starts going crazyyyloose on someone...

much like Katty PATTY EUNNY on a fuckface idiot like justin shin
by COTL PATTY n KATTY n EUUUNY August 27, 2005
4 4
Coon on the loose. It is a term used for weiner. Someone who will freak out at the first sign of potential danger.
passing a police, and going home
by rob October 28, 2004
2 2