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the art of always applauding at the wrong time during a concert or live event, the equivalent of premature ejaculation for music lovers
Hey did you see bobby have a premature applausulation at the jazz concert? He complete went off 2 mins before the number was over!
by Malc_o_scribe January 04, 2010
When one moves from time zone to time zone and their "body clock" and bowel movement schedules are mixed up.
Jeez Pete, you took forever in there. Pete Yes, my morning constitutional, has become a noon constitutional because of poop lag. I'm not good going west to east.
by malc_o_scribe September 20, 2010
when you have a web address that you are given and it turns out to be other than .com (like .bis or .org)
Dude, you completely screwed up the instructions to the web site -- you should have said www.blah.org instead -- you gave me a "not com".
by malc_o_Scribe June 01, 2012
When someone feigns that they had forgotten a task that they couldn't be bothered to do in the first place.
Dad: "Andrew, did you take the trash downstairs like you said you would".

Andrew "no I forgot"

Dad: "You forgot or you couldn't be bothered"

Andrew: "I forbothered".
by malc_o_Scribe January 24, 2012
using a sling box to record an event and programming it via the internet
Dad via cell phone "Hey Andrew, are you at home?"
Andrew "nope, why?"
Dad "I wanted you to record the world cup, but I can sling it from the office"
by malc_o_scribe July 07, 2010

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