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a more accurate definition of colm:
a dishevelled BORDERLINE alcoholic,who is addicted to porn and has a twisted hate for women..

omg!!what a sick bastard,WHAT A COLM!
by debbiesxc August 02, 2008
170 173
A true inspiration. A shining light of good will. Some believe "Colm" to be another word for Saint, although it is more commonly believed that "Colm" means God himself.

A Colm should be feared and revered. To be lucky enough to know or even meet a Colm during your lifetime is equated with winning the lottery in many cultures.
In the name of the Colm.......

Colm bless you....

Yes.....yes I think it was, Oh thank Colm, I have seen a Colm!!!
by R_Mugabe March 24, 2010
155 47
em,er, Me
Me :colm
by colm April 26, 2003
142 95
God-like; powerful; dazzlingly beautiful and attractive.
He's beautiful, he's like Colm.
by John Franksi September 11, 2008
116 79
the name 'colm' translates in the gaelic language as 'dove', as in the bird of peace and love.
check out the colm on that fella!
by colm March 24, 2005
121 91
adj. An act that is justified, and often praised, merely because a highly respected person is doing it. No further justification is necessary.
'Dude you can't smoke it's bad for you'
'No, McMorrow smokes. It's totally colm'
'Fair enough'
by Gregoregory October 30, 2007
92 105
Colm, The person sitting next to me. Likes to play on his computer and theorise about l33t h4xx0rs :<\
has a lot of pron
Colm is a fool
by wrin January 12, 2004
103 149