col.- the property of being excessively awesome, cool, epic, Etc. can be used in place of cool, but generally is reserved for something more 'awesome'; not used as commonly as cool, but reserved for occasions where 'cool' would seem passé.
jade- i just saw (local, super epic indie band of choice) live! the were epic!

aurora- zomg! col.!
by jadecol. May 04, 2010
Top Definition
Chortles Out Loudly - Minh + Claire creation. *Natalie Tran - Community Channel Inspired*
Minh: Yo mamma is soo fat she paints her lipstick on with a paint roller.
Claire: Yo mamma is soo fat she ate the paint roller!
Minh: COL!
Claire: COL!
by Chuckie20 December 19, 2009
Crying out loud


For Christ's sake
Lazy dude: Can you turn off the TV?

Girlfriend: For Col crying out loud its right next to you.

Lazy dude: Oh, can you turn it off?
by Grilled Pickles March 16, 2010
That means Crying out loud. :P
Oh why did you fall down that stair C.O.L
by Kristoffer R Nilsen June 02, 2007
To chuckle out loud. when you get a text message or email that doesn't quite make you laugh out loud, but rather chuckle to your self.
Guy #1:Dude Chuck Norris can get black jack with only one card.

Guy #2: COL;)
by Jordanamo & T-Yager April 13, 2011
Chuckle Out Loud
marina and ali: "COL!"
by cindylauperisn'tdead July 27, 2010
Cuzing out loud
I just want to C.O.L at my teacher for giving me a zero!
by Ja On Ram0 December 05, 2008
Short for Lavacol, a brand of rubbing alcohol used for inexpensive intoxication by Sioux Indians in South Dakota
Hey two bulls, got any col, man?
by aardworm October 23, 2012
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