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Acronym (pronounced "cough-it") for COF ("Crusty Old Fart") In Training: a man in late middle age who does not yet possess all the attributes of a crusty old fart but is working to acquire those attributes still lacking and to develop those that are present in rudimentary or attenuated form.

Attributes of a fully mature COF include, but are not limited to: high-pitched, reedy voice; double-knit Sans-A-Belt slacks; possession of a sidecar-equipped motorcycle; intolerance of any music recorded since 1980; sufficient age to qualify for the Senior Discount at movie theatres and other venues.

A COFIT will possess some of these traits, or will possess all of them in an attenuated form.
"Bill can't be a COF, he's still paying full pop for movie tickets. That would make him a COFIT."
by Crusty Old Bill February 06, 2010
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