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When your girlfriend,wife, or partner gives you head while you play the immensely popular online game "call of duty, modern warfare 2"

COD head is much similar to car head, where you get your dick sucked while driving a car, but you get head while playing the game "Call of Duty"
guy 1 "Dude last night my girlfriend came over and she gave me Cod head!"

guy 2" Dammit you lucky bastard I wish my girl was that cool!"
by Jesse king April 09, 2010
A native of Kingston-upon-Hull
We hate the codheads,
The smelly codheads,
They're only happy on Giro day,
Their Mam's out dealing,
Their Dad's out stealing,
Please don't take my hubcaps away.
by yorkie April 01, 2003
Someone who is obsessed with Activision's Call of Duty Franchise; Most likely a male between the ages of 8 & 23. They will often make references to the Call of Duty franchise whenever possible. They will sometimes claim to be real world experts on weapons solely based on them using them in game. The gaming community views these kinds of players as one of the worst type of player as they often do not play other games outside the most mainstream titles. They often brag about their leaderboard rank or kill death ratio.
Person 1: What's your favorite game story?
Person 2: I don't play single player campaigns. I just play MW3 multiplayer.
Person 1: You’re such a COD head.
by kotor610 January 20, 2012
Someone who is addicted to Call Of Duty
"Yo dude"
"yeah what's up?"
"your a CODhead'
"what's that?"
"someone who's addicted to COD"
"oh yeah, hey f**k you man, i'm not addicted to COD!"
by AwesomeTechGuy1 August 14, 2011
recieving head while playing a call of duty game
Him: i heard jack got the new call of duty
Other guy: yeah, and he got some cod head from hailey too
Him: damn lucky bastard
by bunnnehhhh December 02, 2009
Term actually originated from north eastern coastal towns, Saltburn-By-Sea to begin with.
Oi, cod head, ya goin for a walk on pier?
by Ethan Luke Martin August 30, 2008
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