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A slut who will play Call of Duty with you and then you will get lucky after you beat her in the game several times
Jim: Hey that new girl Danica seems like a cool girl to hangout with.

Rob: Yea she is pretty cool but she is a COD Fish.

Jim: What's wrong with that Rob? are you gay or something?

Rob: No i am not saying there's anything wrong with that at all
by oldschoolshenanigans June 19, 2011
0 8
A woman whose vagina smells very bad
I ran off her bed. She's a stinking codfish.
by etzelet September 08, 2010
589 39
A title of honor given to those have played Call of Duty for at least 13 hours straight. CoD Fish are devoted to the path of video games, and may go to great lengths just to play Call of Duty. however, they are not totally obsessed, unlike "stinky CoD fish". all hail CoD Fish!
"hey where were you yesterday?"
"off playing C.o.D. for 18 hours"
"nice. congrats, CoD Fish!"
by Raiko Tenka September 12, 2009
19 7
a person who is from the east coast.
hey codfish, pass over another stubby,eh.I'm
by chris oliver April 22, 2005
13 23
Term used to describe someone whose eyes sit on the side of their head. This condition is said to be caused in utero when the fetuses eyes do not migrate to the proper position. This is considered a genetic mutation. It causes the sufferer to resemble a codfish or even a hammerhead shark.
"That girl looks like a codfish, let her back in the ocean."
by whitty323 September 27, 2008
8 20