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The Man submits the female in doggy style position. Strikes her pussy hard to relax all the pink parts, after that, introduces 3 chocolate bonbons (or more, depending the bitchs anal potential) in her asshole, then inserts the “nailess finger” and with long but vigorous strokes, melts all the bonbons on her ass. After a moisty cum shot, keeps stoking till the melt chocolate bonbons mix with the spunk. Remove the cock from the hungry ass and give it to her sweet mouth to enjoy!
"Dear, is there some chocolate bonbons in the refrigerator? I'm craving for a delicious Portuguese Candy Shop Bonbon Deluxe!!"
by CastroL May 22, 2006
A woman puts herself in "canis familiaris" position. A man takes a large cod fish, opens its mouth and fills it with his wad. Then spanks her botom (with the cod) till the ass turns very red and warm. After, intruduces the cod fish on her asshole and let the spunk get inside. The man fucks her in the pussy, on any type of agriculture veicle, without letting her ass dripping the cum. When done, she gets a large dump on a sandy beach on a rainy day.
" - I dont know what to buy my wife for our 50th aniversary! - Give her an Portuguese Cod Fish Extravaganza! She will be thrilled!"
by CastroL May 02, 2006
A man (preferably a fisherman) on a boat, takes a fat, ugly chick and spank her ass, with a large, used paddle. when satisfied, the man, bonne her cunt, takes a dump on the paddle and feed the fishes.
"Hey man, look that guy on the boat! It looks like his giving her a good old Portuguese Golden Paddle!"
by CastroL May 02, 2006

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