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C-and-U "Completely and Utterly"

1.Referring to when and action is performed to it's fullest extent.
2.Most commonly associated with one pooping their pants.
"Ron Weasley CNU shat his trousers!"

"OMG, CNU pooped em!"
by kyody October 14, 2007
10 2
Official troll killer
CNU is good buddies with the victoria police
by People's Champ February 15, 2004
7 8
Little bitch that uses blackmail to get what he wants. Can't cope with his homosexual attraction to his victims, so he lashes out at them and threatens them so they don't visit message boards.
That guy just totally CNUed him like he was a Duckbear!
by Duckbears #1 fan March 07, 2004
2 11