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The shopping center between Rancho Bernardo, Poway, and Rancho Penasquitos which has more to do than all three of the surrounding San Diego suburbs combined.CMR is a popular acronym for Carmel Mountain Ranch. Pretty much any store imagineable is there, and the In n Out certainly draws in the crowds. As with its surroundings, it is also a great place for a drug deal to go down, and is the preferable meeting place for anyone looking to buy cross town (ie. RB to Poway, PQ to RB etc.)
"I'm sick of the goddamned PQ Vons center, lets go to the CMR Nickel City and blow some change"

Teenager 1: "Fuck i'm starving"
Teenager 2: "It's 12:30, nothings open this late but taco shops"
Teenager 1: " I'm sick of Carne Asada, let's go to the In n Out in CMR
by Whales_Vagina February 20, 2009
Acronym for individual in a Committed Monogamous Relationship. Normally yawn-inducing yuppies who talk about vaccinating their cat and/or mortgage payments. Can be found: Waking up before 11 am on weekend mornings, cheering each other on at 5K Charity Runs, watching "Sex and the City," to relive single days. Feed upon Snapple, organic granola bars and prix fixe meals at expensive restaurants.
I went to Ikea to get a lamp and it was inundated with suburban CMRs.
by committedtomyself February 18, 2009

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