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Stands for Crucial Monster Crew
probably one of the most ruthless, cutthroat crews out of the 7 cities.
Some of their maina ctivities include pwning n00bz and jammin out.
Kyle "Dude, CMC crew-date tonight, you ganna come?"
Jam "I'll deff try man, i just need to find a ride"
by jamothyIII September 14, 2008
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Casi Me Cago...used instead of LOL....
No manches guey, cmc de la inche risa...
by Nancheezie December 06, 2010
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acronym for "cunt-muffin club", a group of 'hardcore' boys in skinny jeans and flannel button-downs who all share a common philosophy of douchiness
jeff is the king of CMC, with his constant ranting about the relationship between hardcore music and EVERYTHING
by ABSB January 05, 2010
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Made by my friend, Shawn.
by Josh June 22, 2004
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cool guy that rocks out with his cock out. and doesn't care
chris m. mccurry- cmc
by chris m. mccurry August 23, 2004
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Cool see you then, cmc
by Roycieness August 30, 2010
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wow, amethystine is such a CmC
yea that stupid slut munches it all the time with her pixelhumping manwhore
by RagLicker July 10, 2008
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