Craigslist Whore, prostitute who uses the website craigslist to advertise for johns
We're not talking classy Entourage-style Craigslist Whores (CLW's in the local vernacular). We're talking street walking, hop in the passenger door, blow you for a nickel bag honest to god prostitutes. (Gridskipper article: "Los Angeles Hooker Hotels")
by craigslistuser September 27, 2007
Top Definition
Cracker lovin whore- credits to Jeff L.
A CLW is an Asian girl dating a white guy
by B son November 28, 2013
Crazy Lebo Warriors
C.L.W Started In 2009 , Can Be Found At FG With 4 Main Guys So Watch Out.

by C.L.W Boyzz February 02, 2009
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