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Currently Listening To -

Used in Twitter and Status updates to establish the music the poster is listening to without wasting characters.
Twitter update:
CLT new Lil' Wayne album FTW

Facebook status:
CLT U2- I <3 these guys!
by FlamingoFan07 December 03, 2009
cute little thing
Did you see that tiny, adorable, black and white kitten? She's so cute. #CLT

cute adorable
by mayishcute February 13, 2015
clt's are the best form of tits around not 2 big not 2 small but perfect
wow toni has the cutest little titty's i have ever seen. i want to suck them soooooo much
by winston September 20, 2004
Cunt Licking Tongue.
Like DSL (dick-sucking lips) but twisted into this.

Also the airport code for Charlotte, North Carolina.

"I stick out my tongue at people to show them my CLT everyday!"
by Cupcakes are delicious! June 03, 2008
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