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Acronym for Cunt Lick Induced Sore Throat
Phil gets CLIST periodically
by andy1 October 09, 2004
someone who is famous and few people know why or; "Famous for being famous"
wow how did "New York" get famous she's not even that hot? she's definitely on the C-List
by byoaaaaa June 08, 2009
A clist has been defined as a clit that has a cyst, a clit resembling a cyst, or just an abnormally large clit
Did you see that thing hanging between her legs? At first I thought she had a penis, but then I realized it was too small for a penis and too big for a clit...it was a clist!
by Stephanie Ling April 18, 2006
C-list is short for Cum List. It is a mental list a woman has that consists of all her sexual partners that have made her orgasm or CUM. As with such phrases as 'notches in the Bedpost' it is a personal mental tally. Yet with the C-list it is more a case of quality over quantity, and is a prestige for the average man to achieve.
After what Bradley did to me on friday night, that boy has been added to my C-list
by SoozeLove February 19, 2011