A big red dog or a last name. Any "clifford" as a last name is rather a big ass drugie or a freakin whore. Either one but its true, or it can be the name to the character on the tv show, either one.
Is that a clifford?!

-what a whore!
by notaclifford April 22, 2011
Top Definition
by M.C .RICKY D October 09, 2008
most hansome guy there is he is white and very attractive. very good in bed
wow clifford is great
by olhay November 05, 2011
A clifford is someone you can rely on. Someone you can trust with anything. Cliffords are usually super tall and handsome. You would be totally lucky if you had a Clifford as your best friend. Alot of girls tend to like Cliffords so you would be even luckier to date one. Most Clifford's are also very smart. Clifford's are also very sporty and good at almost everything they do. They can't see it but they are awesome. You will have to let your Clifford know he is awesome or he will never know. They are one of a kind and very original. You would be lucky to even know one.
Girl 1: "Woah did you see that cute guy, I heard he's on the basketball, soccer & Hockey team! I would love to date him."

Girl 2: "Yeah, me too! His name is Clifford!"
by soccergal1481 August 24, 2012
Cliffords are "THE" most attractive people on the planet. They are ambitious, intelligent, risktaker, prettyboy, romantic, passionate. Has a great sense of humor with a great personality. The ideal person that you would spend the rest of your life with because you can never find anyone better.
Girl 1: who's that sexy beast over there?

Girl 2: Oh! Judging be his great looks it must be a clifford.
by goohmbot November 16, 2012
When a man slaps his boner until it turns red.
i"ll bury my Clifford in your backyard.
by vinniethadog December 14, 2010
super dank dog who is also king of the dongers and a very great partner in the bed
dude, that dog HAS to be a clifford.
by xxx_sexybeast6969_xxx April 17, 2015
The most ridiculous movie in the world to watch high. No, not Clifford the big red dog. Clifford with Martin Short. You will laugh your ass off at this movie. If your attention wanders for a few minuted, some crazy shit will happen and pull you back in. Trust me.
A: Bro have you ever seen Clifford with Martin Short?

B: Na man is it good?

A: Bro get the bong out. Were watching Clifford
by Knowledgeable1! November 24, 2009
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