Repeatedly beating or 'clapping' someone for a logical reason. The most often places to be clapped are the face or nipples.
Pimp: Yo get your titties clapped bro!

Bully: Man, this fat kid was farting around, then i clapped his tits.

Kid: I got laid last night, her tits were so big i started to clapp them together.
by iClappS May 26, 2011
Top Definition
The sound that is made when the cheeks of the ass shake in vigorous movement..
"She danced so hard she made it clapp.."
by Anonymous September 03, 2003
Sound a baseball bat makes when broken by large man on steroids.
"Oh man, did you hear that clapp? He must be raging!"
by sweatymansalad April 03, 2008
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