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by cdawg23 July 20, 2013
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Chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu is a caste found in India. While many of them live in Maharashtra, they are believed to have originated in Kashmir and migrated to their present location in about 1305AD.

Common CKP surnames are: Karnik, Chitnis, Raje, Deshmukh, Pradhan, Tipnis, Bendre, amongst others. CKP's are often highly educated.

In India, CKP's are well known for their beautiful and bold women, love of non-vegetarian foods and piscivorous diets.
'I ate the most amazing seafood dish in Mumbai yesterday.'
'Was it made by a CKP? They make great seafood.'
by TheDeputy March 28, 2009
Crazy Kielbasa Pants
Dude you have an insane CKP bro, its hanging out man put it away.
by CKPBen March 26, 2009
1.) Noun; Acronym for Crotch Kicking Pirates. These pirates can kill the shit out of any Ninja that comes along. A total badass, unapproachable, drunk all the time, lives in 464. Favorite pastimes include raping children and plundering coastal villages.

2.) Noun; Acronym for Cop Killah Pliml. Pop pop bitch, I do what I want. Count them shells, suck a duck. Stop mackin on my hos, ain’t nobody fucks with the cKP.
I read in the newspaper that a boatload of the cKP rowed ashore, with their badass pirate ship moored in the bay.
by Sean February 27, 2004
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