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Christian In Name Only. (pronounced SEE-no) This applies to so-called "moderate" Christians that claim to be Christian, but don't go to church, and don't typically have very much knowledge of the Christian religion.
My parents are pretty much CINOs; they only go to church for the social aspect of it.
by happinessiseasy February 12, 2007
"Cino" is a name for some one who is of high status. A "Cino" has all the women, all the money, and loads of power. A "Cino" controls the scene, meaning he overlooks everything. Nothing goes on that the "Cino" doesnt know about.

Also see: DonMack
Juan "Cino" Don just fuckin had a fella killed, when he was on the other side of the globe!
by Juan "Cino" Montana Jr. January 28, 2005
Christian In Name Only. (pronounced SEE-no) This applies to Christians that claim to be Christian, but don't follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. They tend to be ignorant of the Gospel and follow the Old Testament instead of the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ.
Instead of doing all they can to help the poor as Jesus teaches, a CINO follows the Hebrew tradition of tithing only 10% to a church. A CINO values money over God. A CINO prays in public and on social media even though Jesus said to pray in private. Often a CINO will use the term Christian to promote political values that are not actually Christian.
by redletterchristian December 29, 2013
Sonic spelled backwards. Sometimes found in game names such as Cinos11.
1)Cinos11 is playing a game.
2)Hey whats a Sonic backwards?
by cinos11 April 24, 2010
Christian in name only; refers to Christians who use religion to justify prejudice and selfishness rather than the actual message taught by Jesus.
CINOs have called for the religious freedom so they don't have to bake cakes for gay weddings. CINOs have elected politicians to cut food stamp benefits.
by coololdlady451 January 08, 2015
Conservative In Name Only. Often used on various Conservative web forums as a nickname for politicians that have a more liberal voting record.
John McCain has jumped ship and joined the democrats so many times it is not funny, he is a CINO.
by LowOiL February 08, 2014
An italian of normal hight that ravages the IP of computers he finds; Someone that can anhialate your computer from affar(synonomys with hacker)
He's just like cino!
by Moosey May 23, 2004
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