(noun) Imaginary organism made up of 5 elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, pohosphorous, and sulfer. It's blue, plump, hairy, has 4 legs, a dick, nose and freckles.
A CHNOPS is biting your ankles, move 5 spaces back!
by Chnopsprince April 06, 2005
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an organism (kept with the owner from birth, though only about half of humans have one, and some dont even know it), which is quite friendly and fun to have around. often, they are kept in the owners pants. the CHNOPS is generally hairy, and may contain freckles. some are even known to have antlers. occasionally, a CHNOPS' owner will dip it into paint in order to change its color. for more information, go ask your biology or health teacher.
how is your CHNOPS doing today? i just dipped mine into orange paint. want to see it?
by delicious food August 18, 2006

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