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a small independent professtional wrestling promotion in the United States. Owned and operated by indy legend Mike Quackenbush. It's style is basically a cross between American, Lucha Libre, and Puroresu
CHIKARA is an awesome wrestling promotion.
by Frogpiss May 24, 2008

Derived from Japanese chikara, meaning might
That crazy blond has a lot of chikara.
by Chikara May 16, 2003
kanji dictionary(japanese), it means power!
focus,use your chikara wisely!
by ???????? May 21, 2004
smart ass japanesse boy who can have conversations about math. he is unsocialble and reads books 24/6(on the seventh day he plays tennis). also want to learn 50 languages. and carries 10 dictionaries
yo, that smart ass over there is a chikara!
by bgrtyju7 October 23, 2003