Crazy fucking fangirl
The whole venue was flowing over with cffs!
The cffs are gonna ruin the concert.
by whatchamawhozzit July 10, 2008
Top Definition
college fuck fest (
damn, that couple fucks like they're on CFF.
by BC Bloody August 07, 2004
Captain Fuck Face aka a guy named Joe with a good sense of humor. However he unfortunately hates the Oakland Raiders and LA Dodgers. He also failed to prank me on my birthday.
Who's the best CFF in the bone yard?
by ih8thegiants December 16, 2013
Consistent Faithful Friend: a person, male or female who is always your friend regardless of distance and time spent away from you, your shortcomings and weaknesses.
someone who will never say anything about you to ruin your reputation and credibility.
someone who always thinks of you and prays for you.
John is Peter's CFF!
by Moe Bal February 11, 2010
Chocolate Flavoured Fail
When the fail is covered in a chocolate flavoured sauce. One often knows one should resist the person/act that will inevitably lead to the fail, but the sweet taste of the chocolate covering draws the victim in and then, BOOMB, it's too late. Everything's covered in sticky chocolate covered fail.
Dood: Hey, you look hot, you want to come home with me?
Girl: I really shouldn't, I've heard you're a horrible person. But you have such a nice car, I'm going to give in to my materialistic ways. I just know this is going to end in CFF.
by razzledazzleramenstein April 16, 2010
Common Folk Food
Caviar is Rich Food
Ham-sandwich is CFF
by DaltonBen1488 September 23, 2009
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