Check Email Officer
Son: I've been promoted as the CEO of the company!
Mom: Wow, CEO! What do you need to do every day?
Son: Oh, just fuck around and check emails. After all, i'm the Check Email Officer.
by saimaijai June 27, 2011
Even better than boss. The boss...of the boss. Usually used by the few people who love to act like they're on crack, but will never touch the stuff.
haha fuck that. I'm not a boss at Halo, I'm the fuckin CEO!
by spicychick February 04, 2009
A company's oldest, whitest, male employee
Jacob Jones was promoted to CEO because he was white.
by lordshrek March 12, 2015
acronym for Chief Executive officer, the highest title in corporate America. One of the biggest things wrong with America and the biggest threats to the middle class. One of America's most hated persons with lawyers, politicians and pedophiles. A subhuman species characterized as a snake, pig, dishonest, cruel, corrupt, scandalous, greedy and arrogant. A CEO is an impotent and overpaid coporate fatcat bastard with gray hair, a small dick and small mind with a sexually-frustrated trophy wife and won't hesitate to sell their company and employees down the tubes. They're slave owners who view their employees as expendable slave laborers by paying them a slave wage or laying them off in the name of "corporate restructuring." CEOs often engage in behavior such as embezzlement, insider trading and receiving perverted bonuses while their company struggles to earn a profit and its employees receive pay cuts and can't feed their families. CEOs can be identified by their orange jumpsuits or black and white stripes sitting behind bars recieving forced sexual pleasure from their fellow inmates. Such examples of CEOs include Jeffery Skilling, Kenneth Lay, Martha Stewart and Chuck Conoway.

see: snake oil salesman, pondscum, guttertrash, thug, thief, crook and lowlife
A CEO is the lowest form of human life.
by krock1dk August 03, 2007
Christians who go to church on the two major Christian holidays, Christmas and Easter.
Bob: I'm a C.E.O.
Louie: You got a promotion?
Bob: Nope, I go to church Christmas and Easter Only.
by fyrfytr20 August 02, 2006
When you go to church on christmas and easter only CEO
im a ceo when it comes to church
by branio January 27, 2004
Christmas Easter Onlys

The People who only goto church on christmas and easter thinking that it is enough
Man1: Dam fool this church is crowded
Man2: I know it is all these CEOs
by Tess Tickle April 17, 2006

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