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Council Estate Gash
Person 1: OMG! Sarah is such a CEG
Person 2: IKR. She's like the sluttiest person on the estate.
by Louisee:) May 19, 2011
11 4
Ceg: Cute Emo Guy

A guy that is very very cute, that has an emo hairstyle or is emo
Girl #1: OMG, look at that guy. He is so cute. And he is emo, too.

Girl #2: I know. He is a Ceg.
by Jana-Blonde June 29, 2009
18 13
Ceg: Council Estate Girl
CEG, EG: Dresses cheaply, uses the word "innit", big belly but tight top, stretch marks are a must as well as massive hoop earings.
by A to the NT September 13, 2008
11 9
Underpants, Underwear, knickers
"When I was small I often crapped in my cegs"
by Borris McFly November 20, 2003
2 2
To creep up on someone, without them knowing, and pull down thier pants/skirt/jeans etc, causing them to be very embarrased.
"ha, you just got cegged!"
by blackmetalsoul March 31, 2009
5 9