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Stands for Capital District Transportation Authority. They run the buses in New York's capital district. They are the laziest, slowest bunch of bastards ever. The buses never run on time. And when you're waiting for you're bus they'll be at least THREE buses going in the opposite direction. It's like an unwritten law. Not only that they'll always be some crazy hobo on the bus that stinks of B.O or urine, one woman with a stroller blocking the aisle, and one fucktard taking up two seats. Also a good place for land whale watching. Lots of them ride the bus for two blocks because they are to lazy to walk.
It was -14 degrees, and I waited a half an hour for the CDTA bus to come. And when it got there I had to stand, and listen to some toothless hag talk about her sex life on her cell phone.
by notazombieyet October 09, 2010
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