C.D.S. can be defined as having a mouth that looks similiar to a bear trap. The world was created sometime during 2006 in eastern pennsylvania. For a person to be diagnosed with dreaded CDS their mouth must be able to cut through flesh. Other symptons of CDS are a shark-like appearance or dark circles under the eyes. Protruding lips, the look of having not slept in weeks or persistent crack coccain usage can also be attributed to CDS. A person should not be diagnosed with CDS unless they are extremely ugly and you are sure that they have at least 3 std's. If you come in contact with a CDS sufferer you should seek medical help immediatly. If CDS comes in contact with your skin, wash the infected area for 15 minutes while trying not to throw up. Remember, CDS is a very serious problem. Whenever you see a CDS sufferer you should alert the police and keep a 100 foot distance away from the mutaded sharks mouth.
A lion doesn't hunt out the strongest antalope, it goes after the little retarded one with the broken leg.

-A high school student after being asked why he hooked up with a C.D.S. sufferer.
by Grille Lady October 23, 2006
A code word for marijuana. Originated from the Bay Area.
Aye you got my CDs yet?

As a verb

Whos wants to burn a CD tonight.
by 998 May 22, 2010
CD's, or 'Cock Dribble's', are a collection of the sounds people make when they are ejaculating badly. These are in disc format, and can be played in stero systems or computer, or converted to mp3 and stored on your iPod etc.

'ughhhhh ohhh yeahhh'

'uhhh this better be on the NOW78 CD's'
by AliBoi January 07, 2009
cirque du soleil ( circus things etc.)
cds ain't gangsta

c'mon artlovers
by gerry March 05, 2005
C (See) Ds (dees) Nuts
Hey CD is looking for you.
CD who?
CDs NUTS Mother Fucker!!
by baby huey September 25, 2003
Complaining Driver Syndrome. not violent enough to be road rage.
"Use your turn signal you moron!"
"Wow, you must suffer from stage 3 CDS"
by mrf mrfitty mrf mrf February 24, 2010
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