A mixture of the drugs coke and diesel, which is heroin but snorted. You mix the two together and get a combination of white powder that you snort to get high.
"We're doing CDs tonight." Meaning we're getting fucked up off cocaine and heroin.
by Hedonistic High July 19, 2006
a condom, yea... a condom, could also mean a compact disc,...but i'll say its a condom
i was so drunk i forgot to use a cd
by bone July 20, 2004
To take 2 or more fingers and stick them up a gurls vigina.
Ay...G...Did you her old gurl got CDed in my bed

For Real G....

For Real Dough...

Hell Naw...LOL....
by David Brian Lewis December 28, 2007
- Coach's Decision. Appears in box scores etc when a player doesnt play the minutes that he/she is used to playing or doesnt play at all.
LeBron didnt play too many minutes today. I heard it was a CD.
by CorporationX March 01, 2005
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