Top Definition
Crazy Black lady
"Dude, did you see the CBL on The Price is Right yesterday? She went nuts when she won a new car!!"
by CBLTODAMAXXX June 24, 2009
Can't be Licked
Hey do you want to go out tonight?

Nah.... CBL!!
by wackamole June 15, 2011
Chunky Butt Love. Hooking up with a fat chick.
"He was so drunk he gave into the CBL."
by Eric Cartman May 11, 2004
Crooked Butt Line-Refers to the seam that goes down your butt crack but sometimes gets side tracked literally.
Did you see that hot chick? Yeah man, but she has a bad case of CBL.
by Mary F January 20, 2009
CBL stands for Chris Bond Laugh. Its a pretty gay laugh that is done while playing halo.
HEHEHEHEHEHEHE, really fast and high pitched....
by Chris October 17, 2004
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