THIS IS THE TRUTH: CAS, abbreviation for Casi Auto-Suicidio or, according to other sources, Castigo Asociado al Sufrimiento, is a way in which students can develop their bullshitting skills, hide from challenges, let others do the work, be the laziest ass on Earth and telling the ethical implications to fuck off, and write 4000 words about how this helped to improve our world and society. Students usually refer to it as a free because it really is because teachers, as they have well learned in high school, don’t do shit to then write how productive and fulfilling the lessons really were (when the most fulfilling experience may had been to get two jokers in a card game). This bunch of refined pieces of bullshit are then sent to the headmaster, who kindly converts them into money by means of some obscure thing called advertisement. Then, teachers and headmaster happily share this benefits among them, and students are told that CAS doesn’t count for their grades. Students then FML themselves and create a group on facebook called Last day of school prank, so they all can post what ever their feelings are after realizing all this.
Typical CAS answer:

Describe and explain any of the components of the CAS programme that made you uncomfortable or which you disagreed with.
The CAS programme have given me the opportunity to grow as a person, making myself aware of my strenghts and areas of grow, while developing useful skills. I have also had fun in many of the projects, and enjoyed teaching my mentee. I see, therefore, nothing that made me ucomfortable with it.

Real answer in any other context:

Describe and explain any of the components of the CAS programme that made you uncomfortable or which you disagreed with.

by anonqwerty October 15, 2011
Top Definition
Creativity, Action, Service.

It's the part of the IB program that's supposed to make you well-rounded. You have to get 150 hours of them in your two years.
You only have 100 CAS hours? The deadline is tomorrow.

Yeah, I have 8 more CAS sheets to fill out. Will you sign my supervisor's name?
by that nerd girl April 23, 2006
Abreviation that stands for confidence, appearance, and swagger. The result of having CAS is an emitted aura from one's body like when Charlie Murphy met Rick James. When you have all three, people will think you are walking down the red carpet everywhere you go.

See Al Pacino & Denzel Washington
Guy: you missed it today, my CAS was off tha hook!
Fag: even if i was there i wouldnt have seen it...
Girl: oh burn!
Guy: well is it my problem that youre so big everyone is forced to see you?
Girl: ohhhhhhhhhh!
Fag: thats for me to know and you to find out
Girl: oh baby!
Guy: thats not even the right context
Girl: uh huh, uh huh!
Guy: girl, stop touching youself in public
Girl: im almost done!
by Ryan Jackson December 03, 2005
short for casual (sounds like the first half of casual)
"dress for the party is cas"
by lauren September 01, 2003
Military abrieviation for Close Air Support.

CAS runs are usually made by gunship helicopters, the first CAS runs were made with UH-1 Iroquois Huey helicopters fitted with rocket pods and grenade launchers, the AH-1 Cobra series helicopter has been used from vietnam to current date for CAS roles.

Other helicopters can provide CAS, AH-6 littlebirds, AH-64 Apaches and AH-60 Blackhawk gunships can be used to provide CAS.

Note the lettering in the chopper names, the H mean helicopter, A means assault/attack, U means utility/transport.
"We got a Cobra inbound on a CAS run to light up the tree line, after all the FFARs have hit we move in."
by MarineJulio April 06, 2005
term used to describe a guy who turns more than 25 percent of the girls he has sex with into lesbians
Hey man did you hear that Tom just cassed the big girl in biology?
by Mac31 March 25, 2011
cas is an acronym for Cool As Shit.

(it can be pronounced as it looks w/ a 's' at the end, other accepted pronunctiations are like caz w/ a 'z' sound at the end)

it often refers to people, events, and other items that have the possiblity for being Cool As Shit.

being cas is a prestigious title. use it wisely.
Bradley: "Hey man, didn't you hang out with Kelsey this weekend?"

Dustin: "I did dude! And she is defiantly cas. I dont think there is a girl out there that cas."

"That movie the hangover is one cas movie. I might just go watch it again"
(pronounced cah-je)

Abbrieviation of the word "casual".
A hipster way of describing things that are plain, simple, normal.
You: Hey guys, it's cas Friday!
by C00LstoryBR0 January 06, 2011
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