Shorthand way of saying casket. The Raekwon/Wu-collective collab song 'Guillotine(Swordz), off of 'Only Built 4 Cuban Linx' contains the following line by Inspektah Deck: 'Poisonous paragraphs, smash ya phonograph
in half, it be the Inspectah Deck on the warpath,1st class leavin mics with a cast' is often misinterpreted as reading 'leaving mics in a cas'. Subsequent to the track's release, the term was popularized amongst the underground, when in fact it didn't exist at the outset. Thus proving hip-hop vernacular's spontaneous generation theory.
Leave in a cas, I'm heavin' your ass, over my shoulder like a newlywed, gonna learn how it feels like to-be-dead
by Dudeimentary October 14, 2010
Means "without a table." Pronounced like the first half of the word casual.
"If we don't have a table, I guess we're going to have to play cards cas."
by Matt Boi August 13, 2007
1. CAS, short for 'cracking a smile', is a mutation of LOL. Although CAS was originally considered an anomoly, it was found to be a more accurate discription of ones state of humor. Ergo, CAS is now rappidly replacing LOL.

2. Describing ones state of humor to a lesser degree than LOL and concordantly, and even lesser degree than ROTFLMAO.
Me: im telling you a joke.

You: LOL, that was kind of funny. but not that funny.

Me: dont say LOL unless your actually laughing out loud you fool... i know your just cracking a smile!

You: you are right, as always, CAS.
by SKB December 26, 2005
Short for "crazy ass shit", often used in the cyberspeak of AOL.
"Yeah I know, this war's some cas, man."
by rudiculous March 21, 2003
Acronym for a codependent alcoholic slut
A codependent woman has not developed a sufficient sense of self, she can't really tell you how she is; she can only tell you how her father, children, and cats are. She can't tell you how she wants something to be, but she can tell you the rule for how it should be. Not having a center to resonate from, she takes her cues from the outside. Her greatest fear is that if she loses or lets go of external forms -- the house, the father, the rules, the status -- she will fall into a terrifying emptiness. She fears she could not exist on her own. Developmentally part of her is like a tiny child who has not left her mother's arms, so she clings to forms, to people and things representing security, as if they were life itself. Because her spirit and soul have been profoundly neglected, she neglects her own inner self; indeed, it is unknown to her.

Alcoholic: You know what a alcoholic is.

slut: You know what a slut is.
by sinfytheslut December 23, 2002
Short for Casino
Let head to the Cas! I'll meet you there!

Damn! Just lost a hundgy at the cas!
by Harry Fontane May 07, 2004
Codependent, Alcoholic, Slut
My x was a CAS
by Horny December 21, 2002

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