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An online physics assignment given weekly to physics students at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. Many students leave them to the last minute and rush in order to complete them by 11:59 PM on Fridays.
CAPA assignments are composed of concentrated evil from the the pit of Satan's rectal cavity.
by Dal Student January 21, 2006
(Creative And Performing Arts) An award winning, blue-ribbon school located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Michelle Obama attended the school with the first ladies. CAPA can be heaven one earth or hell for students, it just depends on how you roll.
CAPA is an awesome school
by patiencepatient July 17, 2010
Justin is a Capa Quiz who fucks falfel!!!
Hey justin, why are you limping?
Justin- "I did my capa quiz with falafel last night...mmmm"
by Capa Quiz May 10, 2005

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