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A feeling of pride and gratitude for living or being from California and California's way of life, people and places.
"You know that feeling when you leave CALiFoRNiA and you miss it? thats CALiFeeLiA."
by CALiFeeLiA September 24, 2013
Describes the often obnoxiously over-optimistic view on life expressed by people from the West Coast (especially Californians) who currently reside on the bleak, cyncial and far too often pessimistic East Coast (especially New York City).

Homonym: Caliphilia
Californian: Thank you, and have a good one!
New Yorker: Yeah! Yeah!... whatever!
New Yorker: What's wit da Califeelia... can't you's see it's 15 freakin' degrees outside?
by Boo_this_one's_4U. October 20, 2006