The Ford C4 is a three-speed, light-duty automatic transmission introduced in the 1964 model year and produced through 1981

It featured an aluminum alloy 3 piece case (bellhousing, main case, and tailhousing). This was significantly lighter than earlier cast iron Cruise-O-Matic designs. It also used a Simpson planetary gearset.

It was used with Ford's inline six-cylinder engines and small V8 engines (see Ford Windsor engines), usually up to 302 cubic inches/5.0 liters. By comparison, the 351 Windsor and 351 Cleveland small- and intermediate-block engines were backed by the medium-duty FMX. A few C4s were built with a big-block bellhousing to use with Ford 335 engines, notably the 351M, but these are very rare.

It is especially notable as the original automatic transmission option in the Ford Mustang.

Modified C4s remain popular with hotrodders and drag racers due to their simplicity and durability.

The C-4 in my car sucks most of the torque and half the horsepower out of the engine before it ever gets to the wheels.
by junker March 21, 2006
A substitute for the phrase "the bomb", meaning very good and enjoyable. Usually in reference to an inanimate object rather than a person. Commonly pronounced without heavy articulation: "se'-fow"
'It was C4 up in there last night.' or 'Man that party was bustin' C4!'
by Mark Mc June 06, 2007
Short for a Porsche Carrera 4 -- an all wheel drive sports car.
Peep that C4!
by Fusionfoto October 27, 2003
There's enough of it to blow a hole in the Earth. See Keanu Reeves or Speed
There's enough C4 on this bus to blow a hole in the Earth
by M-Belx April 02, 2009
A female that sleeps with various males just to get popular. she has low self-esteem and is very ugly. she gives the best head but her sex game is horrible. you will find her in most urban sex tapes.She will most likely be easier to run atrain on and will sleep with you and your best friend the same day.
Super Head was the C-4 of the entertainment game. She slept with everybody and they brother.
by t-breezy March 29, 2006
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