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The lesser-known, homosexually inclined robot co-star of R2D2 in the blockbuster movie "Star Wars".
C3PO's flamboyant tendancies have resulted in him being the butt of many homosexual jokes, in various television shows such as The Simpsons.
by Deluded_or_summat March 22, 2007
Fictional Star Wars character. Specilaized in Human-Cyborg Relations. Capable of speech in over 900 different languages, some cyborg, some droidial.

Could be compared to the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz.
C3PO is also known as the "Star Wars rendition of The Tin Man."
by Kepler and Trina April 08, 2006
Gold plated droid from Star Wrs who is clearly gay even if nobody sees it.
C3-PO has a crush on R2-D2.
by Myxamatosis April 10, 2006
Those chicks that fake bake a lot and end up looking golden like C-3PO. You see them all over campus, malls, and target.
Dude 1: Dude, this bar is full of C-3POs.

Dude 2: Yeah, let'a get the fuck out of here.
by rockhard May 30, 2008
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