"connect-boy" Someone who can hook you up with illegal substances anytime and anywhere...NO QUESTIONS!
Big Patty,Trunzo,and Swiderski are our C-boys.
by nigga ay April 26, 2006
A modern day urban cowboy; pejorative term, pronounced kuh-boy, with the emphasis on boy.
The c'boy wore designer jeans.
by speysider December 24, 2008
A Fantastical child (usually boy), there is one in every town. Name usually beings with C too. Cboys are worshipped throughout the land and help others acheive goals that they find easy.
Average boy: gosh, charlie over there i so damn cool.
Girl: yer, hes so hot too.
Boy: he must be some sort of cboy or sumin.
Girl: yeah, i wish i was lucky enough to go out with a cboy.
boy: hes waaay out of your league. cboys only get the cream-de-la-cream of girls.
by Charming Stalker October 18, 2006
Refers to cancerboy

someone who has cancer

or just someone you wish has cancer

often used in a satiric/ironic way
'Yo c-boy' = yo cancerboy
by wiej June 30, 2010
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