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1) The low end "economy" models in the Mercedes Benz automotive lineup.

2) Attempting to give the appearance of power, wealth and success by attaining the least expensive symbols of status. Not necessarily broke, but still posing anyway.

3) Suburban chic.
He took me to the four season, then asked me to order a salad. He's strictly c-class.
by dasmb May 23, 2003
a term defining the class of girls, that is the last resort for a guy to hook-up with. they like to get drunk to hook-up with guys, and use it as a poor excuse for a "good time". they are very rarely seen without makeup on (the only reason they have any looks)

a guy should not try for these unless he is hopeless, horny, and is in desperate need to get some.
Eric- "Yo, you trying to get with Amanda again?"
Nick- "Nah, I already got that. She's to grimy for me to try again."
Eric- "Yea, I heard that she hooked up with 2 guys that other night"
Nick- "Was she drunk again?"
Eric- "Of course, she provided the alcohol."
Nick- "Yea, she's so C Class"
by $eniors April 15, 2011
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