Crack - obviously just the first letter used as crack heads cant use there energy on saying whole words, they need it to bun.
Cat: yo man you got any C?

Dealer: no, fuck off
by fucked-up-from-day May 09, 2009
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C is for cookie, that's good enough for me.
when you take a bite from a cookie, it looks like a C
by the real cookie monster July 09, 2005
An extremely powerful computer language on which the foundations of most other mid-level and RAD languages are based. Although it is not object-oriented like C++ and Java, it compiles into tighter code that occupies less space. It is used most frequently for applications designed to run in tight conditions, such as on a computer with a slow CPU and/or a small amount of memory. It is also closer to assembly language than it is to mid-level languages (on the spectrum of computer languages, C is toward the low end of the mid-level languages), making it more difficult to fully master than most languages.
//a more interesting Hello World program
#include <stdio.h>

typedef struct {
int x;
char c50;
void (*func)(char*);


void draw(char* s) {

void main(void) {
sprintf(ms.c,"Hello World (for the ")
switch (ms.x%10) {
case 1:
sprintf(ms.c+21,"%dst time",ms.x);
case 2:
sprintf(ms.c+21,"%dnd time",ms.x);
case 3:
sprintf(ms.c+21,"%drd time",ms.x);
sprintf(ms.c+21,"%dth time",ms.x);
by C programmer April 19, 2005
The best answer to choose in a multiple choice question if u dont know it!

(Also if the questions asks u to write the answer down, u can always change the C into the letter a, b, or d! That way u can complain to the teacher that he/she marked the test wrong!) LOL ITS PERFECTSSS
Retard: AHH fuck i dunno the answer to this question!

Other retard: When in doubt choose C!

Retard: I SEE!!

Smart Kid: If u study before u dont have to use C!

Retards: Smacks him in the head STFU nerd!
by THEMEOWMIXMAN December 02, 2007
Denotes the speed of light.
"She can't take much more, Cap'n! We're at .8 c now!"
by tradesman April 01, 2003
1) The third letter in most alphabets.

2) A powerful coding language.

3) A note / key position in music; the key position with no flats or sharps.

4) The chemical abbreviation for Carbon.

5) Lazy-type for "see."
1) C is for cookie, and that's enough for me.

2) Unix is coded using C.

3) The piece had no flats or sharps because it was written in C position.

4) CO2 is Carbon Dioxide.

5) did u c tht?
by Firestar493 February 19, 2013
its a letter you dumb ass.
C is a letter dumb ass.
by C! C! C! C! C! Seniour May 25, 2011
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