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C is the letter that is sometimes mistakenly used in place of an X at the end of a text message . This has become increasingly common since the majority of phone keyboards are of the QWERTY format.
If a message that ends in a C instead of an X is not followed up immediately whit a message that says simply 'X', it suggests that the the original mistake was not noticed by the other party when they did their ISTRB (Immediate Sent Text Read Back).
C is also for Cookie, that's good enough for me.
Man: Hey babycakes, can i still see you tonight? C
Woman: Hey hun;-) For Sure! I can't Wait xx
Man: X
Man: Sorry about the C Babe! I missed that on my first ISTRB XX
by GMAN1985 December 20, 2013
Immediate Sent Text Read Back:

The act of immediately reviewing a sent text.
Guy One: Dude, i sent my girl a text earlier and she hasn't replied yet! I'm worried.
Guy Two: You sure the text made sense? Did you do an ISTRB?
Guy One: I didn't no!! I forgot (Checks his phone)
Guy One: Oh DEAR!!!!!!!
Guy Two: What did you write dude?
Guy One: I used the word Fat instead of Fit!!! and ended it with CC instead of XX!!!
by GMAN1985 December 20, 2013

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