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"Coffee and Cats". What that really means is that the comments following the "C&C" in the email are so funny that you should first set down your coffee and remove the furry purring lapwarmer from your lap. Otherwise you might spew your coffee all over your keyboard and computer monitor from convulsive laughing and the jostling will severely upset your cat and cause it to sink its claws into your thigh. Often the C&C will be put into the subject line. It is used most often in system administration newsgroups and spam-fighting forums.

Hey, check out what the uncyclopedia says about Massachusetts.
by Stochasticity May 03, 2008
3 9
Command And Conquer.
It is a game as well as an action.
The game is a famous series in which you build up your forces and destroy the opposing team.
the action is when you and a group try to pwn the other group.
Are you going to play C&c today?

w00t! We commanded and conquered the other team!!!
by Nikko April 13, 2005
141 33
Critique & Comments, used in lot's of gfx forums.
Here's my new sig, c&c appreciated.
by Wetop April 24, 2008
71 15
One of the greatest and longest living series in gaming ever.
Command and Conquer is to games as Jesus Christ is to Christians. C&C owns!
by Pujols005 October 12, 2005
89 44
command and conquer. a series of stratergy games with a simple objective. Establish a base. Build an Army. Kill the opponents army. Destroy their base. The opposition/s will try to do the same so your force will also have defence duties.
i played c&c the other night
by !your name here ! August 28, 2006
32 13
Comments & Criticisms, meaning that public comments and criticisms are welcome. Used in creative forums and mailing lists involving artwork, writing, poetry, etc.

Sometimes used as C&C requested, C&C welcome, or C&C appreciated.
is it five words or
five syllables required
to start a haiku?

by Stochasticity May 03, 2008
23 10
Cocaine and Champagne. The perfect mix of up and down.
Person 1:What are we doing tonight?
Person 2:We were thinking of keeping it classy with some C & C.
by BallinHard February 14, 2009
6 3
short for Command & Conquer popular strategy game from the 90's
I'm gonna play C&C tonight
by Oet Gäöl February 07, 2008
10 7