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Originally this word came from Russia. This term is used to describe lowest layers of society - non-educated factory workers, street gangsters, poor family children etc. Bydlo is mostly used for agressive and unclever people.
This word can be related to the term "redneck".
Band on the tour:
- Ok guys tomorrow we shall play in Kazakhstan!
- Oh, no, dude! I don't want to play for this bydlo!!
by Mike Zimean May 08, 2008
This word is Russian and means people who have no class, finesse, book smarts...
Unlike the first waves of Russian intelligentsia immigrants, most of the Russian immigrants of today are typical bydlo.
by The Hikki June 16, 2011
uneducated people having bad habits, badly behaved, often aggressive ... this word is not Russian, it comes from Polish - bydło - which means "animals,cattle" ... this type of people exists in every country, so we can call bydlo those trying to associate this word with Russians
We can call bydlo those trying to associate this word with Russians.
by Scorrific September 07, 2011
Widely used russian word for "cattle":
1. Animals on farm, like pigs, cows, etc (mostly cows and bulls). But in this meaning "skot" is used more.
2. Poor aggressive people, uneducated, working on factories and farms and doing manual labor.
3. People (sometimes rich and educated), who have really strong herd instincts with them, easily betraying common sense when everyone around do the same.
1. Guys, I'm sorry, need to slaughter some bydlo, so no vodka party today.
2. Bydlo drunk all night on my staircase, now piss and trash are everywhere and no one is going to clean it.
3. Iphone is for bydlo, smart people buy android phones instead of following crowd!
by ultrasemen December 28, 2013
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