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1. A pelvic thrust of tremedous power
2. A hump of epic proportions
3. A combination of BWISH, Wang, and Bang
I bwang you in the ear!

Jim bwanged Justin in the head so hard last night, he needed to take a nap.
by Justin Evans May 18, 2004
A mix between B-don's first name and his last name. Used in any context
OHHH MY GOD...you are such a Bwang

Go Bwang yourself!
by SammyT9 January 17, 2008
Cool but a little bit fucked and vice versa
I found the movie Catwoman b-wang
by Mick Skelton August 22, 2005
an orginization of youth for religious matters--cult.
Bwang is a religious cult.
by ggD October 02, 2006