A nuzzle that incorporates placing soft raspberry kisses on another person's neck.
They were lying on the couch and she buzzled him.
by Jacinderella October 17, 2008
Top Definition
The act one does when seeking the attainment of scoon
I am going to buzzle that scoon
by Ryan May 12, 2004
A POPULAR guy in ffld high..also known as Jezzums, Jay and JEREMY; who's CUTEE ! =)
Chick 1: OMG buzzles is so cutee
Chick 2: aww i jst wanna squish his cheeks =P
by weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. November 24, 2008
the feeling of soreness/tingling in your feet after you've been on them for a long time.
my feet buzzle from waitressing for 10 hours.
by elmo23 October 11, 2010
To buzz and trouble, in an online chat
man i gtg... ill buzzle u wen i get back
by stratwine May 19, 2009
noun (pl. Buzzles)

1 A man's testicle or pair of testicles.

2 Referring to the scrotum as a whole.
1 Man, my buzzles have been MADDD itchin.

2 The other day I had to trim my buzzle fuzzle.
by Roberto Davis Mathius September 03, 2010
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