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A nuzzle that incorporates placing soft raspberry kisses on another person's neck.
They were lying on the couch and she buzzled him.
by Jacinderella October 17, 2008
7 5
The act one does when seeking the attainment of scoon
I am going to buzzle that scoon
by Ryan May 12, 2004
35 14
A POPULAR guy in ffld high..also known as Jezzums, Jay and JEREMY; who's CUTEE ! =)
Chick 1: OMG buzzles is so cutee
Chick 2: aww i jst wanna squish his cheeks =P
by weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. November 24, 2008
21 13
To buzz and trouble, in an online chat
man i gtg... ill buzzle u wen i get back
by stratwine May 19, 2009
3 4
the feeling of soreness/tingling in your feet after you've been on them for a long time.
my feet buzzle from waitressing for 10 hours.
by elmo23 October 11, 2010
4 7
noun (pl. Buzzles)

1 A man's testicle or pair of testicles.

2 Referring to the scrotum as a whole.
1 Man, my buzzles have been MADDD itchin.

2 The other day I had to trim my buzzle fuzzle.
by Roberto Davis Mathius September 03, 2010
3 7