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The combination of "BuzzFeed" and "rabbit hole." This is the act of inadvertently spending way too much time on buzzfeed.com, mostly because of how easy it is to jump from one article the next.
Guy: "I was just going to read this one thing on buzzfeed, but ended up clicking around the site for hours"

Girl: "Sounds like you got cought in a major buzzhole"
by The Belly June 21, 2013
Those individuals in the corporate world who parrot the current buzzwords to appear knowledgeable
Dan: "Do you think Tom knows what Six Sigma really is?"
Sarah: "No way, he is just a buzzhole"
by Cree27858 August 16, 2008
Opening Buzzfeed.com and all of a sudden 3 hours passed.
Uh oh. I've fallen into a Buzzhole
by Marleypants June 10, 2014