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When a person's face in squished to the center, to look as if it were a button.
"Did you see that girl's face?"
"Yeah! She had a buttonface"
by izzzabella December 02, 2007
Similar to "BUTTERFACE"- Whereas everything is good But-Her-Face. This is the same thing but in a guy version whereas everything is good "But-His-Face". So instead of "BUTTER" (But-Her) its "BUTTON" (But-His). It sounds weird if you just say but-his face, so its less obvious if you just call him a Button Face. (they SOund similar)
DAyum girl you see that guy with the muscle shirt, Hat, and Shades?? o wait...**u see the guy w/o his accessories** umm nvm he's a Buttonface
by Marleen Granola July 11, 2006